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Oskar von Miller, “Technical Museums as Sites of Popular Instruction” (1929)

Forest Dieback, Spiegel Article Series: “The Forest is Dying: Acid Rain over Germany” (1981)

“Hair Care,” from Anna Fischer-Dückelmann, The Wife as Family Doctor (1911)

Jacob von Rammingen on the Ordering of Registries and Archives (1571)

Draft of Stipend Regulations for the University of Wittenberg (1545)

Johannes Sturm, The Correct Opening of Elementary Schools of Letters (1538)

From the Chronicle of the Imperial Academy of Natural Scientists [Leopoldina] (1694)

Adam Olearius, Gottorp Cabinet of Curiosities (1674)

A Sermon by Martin Luther on Why Children Should Be Sent to School (1530)

University Treasurer Dr. Peurle Reports on the Work of the Jesuits in Ingolstadt (January 24, 1558)

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Memorandum to Dukes Rudolph Augustus and Anton Ulrich, on the Library at Wolfenbüttel (June 1695)

Lending Rules for a Göttingen Library (1769)

Johann Bernhard Basedow, Method Book (1770) and Elementary Work (1774)

J. D. Gruber, “Well-Conceived Proposal for the Establishment and Construction of a New University within His Royal Majesty’s German Lands” (August 30, 1732)

Academic Rules for Students of the University of Göttingen (1763)

Johann David Köhler, Instructions for Travelling Scholars: Libraries, Coin Cabinets, Antiquities Collections, Picture Galleries, Natural History Collections and Art Collections, Etc., with Useful Information for Viewing (1762)

From the Correspondence of the Astronomer and Calendar Maker Gottfried Kirch (1693–1706)

Letter from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz to Daniel Ernst Jablonski regarding the Plan to Establish an Academy in Berlin (March 12, 1700)

Johann Nepomuk Hauntinger, Journey through Swabia and Bavaria in 1784

Friedrich Immanuel Niethammer, The Dispute between Philanthropinism and Humanism in the Theory of Educational Instruction in our Time (1808)

Wilhelm von Humboldt, “The Königsberg and the Lithuanian School Plan” (1809)

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, “About Göttingen’s Academic Museum” (1779)

J.G. Büsch, “Treatise on the Ruinous Economic Circumstances of Most Scholars in Our Time” (1774)

H. Thiel, “Description and Yield Calculation of a Sugar Beet Economy” (1874)

Appeal to Found a Jewish Library and Reading Room, Hamburg (1905)