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Nationalizing Catholicism, 1870-71: “Letter” from a Catholic Soldier from Bavaria (1870)

Friedrich Carl von Moser, “The German National Spirit” (1767)

Chancellor Angela’s Germany (2017)

A Critical Interpretation of a “Love Song” to Germany (2003)

An Ironic and Satirical Take on Germanness (2001)

Wilhelm von Humboldt, “Comparative Anthropology” (1795)

Martin Luther, Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation regarding the Reformation of the Christian Estate (1520)

Paul Bräunlich, Report on the Progress of the “Away from Rome” Movement (1899)

The Protestant “German Nation”: Ulrich von Hutten (1520–21)

Bismarck’s Speech to the Prussian House of Deputies on the “Polish Question” (January 28, 1886)

The Reaction of the Austrian Liberal Press to Bismarck’s Policies (1886)

Reichstag Speech by Dr. Ludwik von Jazdzewski (January 15, 1886)

Reichstag Speech by Wilhelm Liebknecht (January 15, 1886)

August Julius Langbehn, Rembrandt as Educator: “German vs. Jewish” (1890)

“Made in Germany” was Made in Britain (1887)

Article from the Austrian Patent Office Journal (1902)

Ida Hahn-Hahn, Memories from and of France (1842)

Traveling through Germany after Twelve Years in Paris: Heinrich Heine, Germany: A Winter’s Tale (1844)

Theodor Körner Connects Art, War, and the German Fatherland (1813)

No Jews in the German Nation: “German” and “Jewish” According to Achim von Arnim in His “Christian-German Society” (1810)

Guide to the Collection of the Germanic National Museum (1860)