Prospectus, First Issue of the “Bonner Anzeiger. Mouthpiece for Commercial and Business Interests” (June 28, 1850)


This prospectus announces the arrival in Bonn of a print genre that achieved favored status among millions of Germans by the last third of the nineteenth century: the daily newspaper. Filled with timely business and market exchange reports, official announcements, travel information, and accounts of interesting affairs from both town and region, the “daily” quickly became essential reading for men who wanted to be in the know. The Bonner Anzeiger, as is mentioned below, also included light literature for entertainment, with such offerings prefiguring the modern feuilletons that eventually became enormously popular among women and children. Thus, dailies reached multiple readerships, propagating public and cultural knowledge to an unprecedented extent.



The Bonner Anzeiger will be published daily (in the evening) except for Sundays and public holidays from today onwards. For the time being 1,500 copies will be distributed free of charge in Bonn and the surrounding area. After a few days, subscription lists will be circulated. The subscription price, 12½ Sgr. [Silbergroschen] per quarter, has been set extremely low in the expectation that lively interest from the esteemed public will provide the company with the best possible support.

The newspaper regularly carries all official announcements, marriage announcements, market reports, stock exchange quotes, advertisements, ads about steamboat and railroad fares, lists of visitors to the city of Bonn, interesting events of the day, and news from the city of Bonn and the surrounding area. It also contains, space permitting, the latest in the category of light fiction.

The extremely low price assures a wide distribution, such that the newspaper is particularly suitable for announcements and advertisements of any kind. Ads are calculated at 8 Pf. per condensed line or equivalent space.

Source: Bonner Anzeiger, no. 1, June 28, 1850, p. 1. Available online at:

Translation: Richard Pettit
Prospectus, First Issue of the “Bonner Anzeiger. Mouthpiece for Commercial and Business Interests” (June 28, 1850), published in: German History Intersections, <> [November 30, 2023].