Hoechst Company Dyestuff Laboratory (c. 1895)


Dating from approximately 1895, this picture shows the interior of a Hoechst Company dyestuff laboratory near Frankfurt am Main. At the time, the company produced various coal-tar dyes, such as fuchsine or aniline, at low cost. Hoechst's chemical manufacturing processes were based on coal tar, the byproduct of coke production.


Source: Laboratory in the Cassella Factory in Offenbach 1895. Hoechst Firmenarchiv Frankfurt am Main.

© Hoechst GmbH, Firmenarchiv, D-65926 Frankfurt am Main. Reproduction only with permission from the Hoechst Firmenarchiv Frankfurt am Main.

Hoechst Company Dyestuff Laboratory (c. 1895), published in: German History Intersections, <https://germanhistory-intersections.org/en/knowledge-and-education/ghis:image-12> [November 28, 2023].