Ottomar Anschütz, Group of Cheetahs (1888)


This 1888 snapshot of two cheetahs was taken by photographer Ottomar Anschütz (1846-1907) in the Breslau (Wrocław) Zoo. Anschütz photographed the cheetahs in a special enclosure with a steppe-like ground. The background featured a painted landscape, which is barely perceptible in this photograph.


Source: Ottomar Anschütz, “Einige allgemeine Erläuterungen über die Aufnahme wilder Tiere,” in Photographische Mittheilungen, edited by Prof. Dr. Hermann W. Vogel, 25. Jahrgang, no. 386 (1888-89), pp. 307-08, supplement no. 14. SLUB Dresden. Available online at:

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