Emigrant Lodging House “Stadt Warschau” (1910)


This photo shows a group of Jewish emigrants, presumably from Eastern Europe, in the courtyard of the “Stadt Warschau” lodging house in Bremen. Since emigrants often had to wait several weeks for the departure of their ship, they urgently needed cheap and hygienic accommodation. In addition to the emigrant halls opened in Findorf in 1907, there were also several lodging houses in Bremen specifically for emigrants, such as the one shown here.


Source: Photograph: Staatsarchiv Bremen, 10,B-Kartei-1243.

Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen in Stuttgart, Staatsarchiv Bremen

Arno Armgort, Bremen, Bremerhaven, New York: Geschichte der europäischen Auswanderung über die Bremischen Häfen. Bremen: Steintor, 1991.
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