Alles auf Zucker! (2004)


The story of Jaecki Zucker, a Jewish-German gambler who receives his share of his mother's inheritance only after successfully reconciling with his estranged Orthodox brother, earned high praises from viewers and critics alike. Swiss director Dani Levy's East-West Jewish-German family reunion challenged the viewing habits of domestic audiences by bringing contemporary Jewish-German everyday life - rather than under Nazi rule - to the screen in the film, which won the 2005 Ernst Lubitsch Award, among others. Alles auf Zucker! was produced in cooperation with WDR and X-Filme - Levy's production company (together with Stefan Arndt, Wolfgang Becker and Tom Tykwer).


Source: Production photograph, Alles auf Zucker, 2004, X Filme Creative Pool GmbH (Köln), Imago/United Archives.

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Alles auf Zucker! (2004), published in: German History Intersections, <> [November 29, 2023].