Russian Language Labor Recruitment Poster (c. 1942)


Propaganda posters like the one shown here were intended to recruit so-called “foreign workers”  from the occupied territories in the Soviet Union to work in the German war economy. The images suggest good employment opportunities and a collegial working environment. The reality, however, was markedly different. Since the recruitment attempts in the Soviet Union were largely unsuccessful, the Nazis switched to deporting people from the occupied territories as forced laborers.
The text reads: “We go to Germany to work for peace and a better future.”


Source: Russian language recruitment poster: “Wir gehen nach Deutschland, um für den Frieden und eine bessere Zukunft zu arbeiten.” Germany, c. 1942. Offset, 49,8 x 83,5. Berlin, Deutsches Historisches Museum, P 96/978.


Russian Language Labor Recruitment Poster (c. 1942), published in: German History Intersections, <> [November 30, 2023].