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“Discussions of the Present Situation of Midwives and Swaddling Nurses in Berlin” (1852)

Johann Christoph von Dreyhaupt, “The Natural History Collection of the Orphanage” (1749/50)

Maria Sibylla Merian, Butterflies, Beetles, and Other Insects (18th Century)

Maria Sibylla Merian, The Caterpillar, Marvelous Transformation and Strange Floral Food (1683)

François Rigaud, Portrait of Dr. Johann Reinhold and his son Georg Forster (c. 1780)

Roberts Micrometer (c. 1870)

Practices of Knowledge

Horst Herold, “Organizational Principles for Electronic Data Processing in Law Enforcement” (1968)

Crime Statistics for the Year 1895: Juveniles (1898)

Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg, “Concerning the Diseases and Medicine of the Malabars” (1713)

“UFA Dabei”: Passport Control (1972)

Church and Collegium of the Jesuit College in Ingolstadt (1701)

Hermanus Hendrikus ter Meer in His Taxidermy Studio at the Zoological Institute of the University of Leipzig (1910)

Reading the Newspaper at Home (1880)

Entering Data into a Stasi Computer (1980s)

Knowledge Workers and Networks of Knowledge

Friedrich Gedike, Report to King Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia (1789)

August Hermann Francke, “Instructions or Rules for the Preceptors of the Orphans” (c. 1720)

Friedrich Christian Lesser, Testaceo-theologia, or Fundamental Proof of the Existence and the Most Perfect Characteristics of a Divine Being (1744)

Johann David Michaelis, Questions for a Society of Learned Men Who Will Travel from Denmark to Arabia on the Order of His Majesty the King (1762)

Letter from the Governor of East Africa, Julius von Soden, to the President of the German Colonial Association, Hermann zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1891)

Heinrich Zimmermann, Account of the Third Voyage of Captain Cook (1781)

Karl Wilhelm Dassdorf, Description of the Exquisite Curiosities in the Electoral Seat of Dresden and Some of the Surrounding Regions (1782)

Portrait of Anna Vandenhoeck (no date)

Registration at a Berlin Night Refuge (1873)