GHI Project Team


German History Intersections is the product of close cooperation between the three working groups and the GHI-based project team, whose members are introduced below.

Daniel Burckhardt

Technical developer Daniel Burckhardt designed the Intersections backend, integrated the search engine, implemented the presentation layer, and developed the TEI schema. At the GHI, Daniel works on German History in Documents and Images and Migrant Connections, as well as all other digital initiatives, including the annual digital history conference.

Katharina Hering

Digital project librarian Katharina (Katja) Hering is responsible for collection management (Collective Access), bilingual thesaurus development, and rights and reproduction research and administration. She also supports the Intersections editorial program through source research and other tasks. Katja also works on German History in Documents and Images and Migrant Connections and co-edits the digital history blog href.

Simone Lässig

GHI director Simone Lässig doubles as founder and director of the German History Intersections project. She is a cultural and social historian of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Her research focusses on topics central to the Intersections project, namely the history of knowledge, migration, memory cultures and memory politics, digital history, and educational media.

Insa Kummer

Intersections co-manager Insa Kummer is responsible for editorial work on the Migration module and for official grant reporting. Within the project, she contributes to the overall editorial program by researching, translating, editing, and proofreading sources. At the GHI, Insa works on German History in Documents and Images and co-edits the Bulletin.

Elisabeth Mait

Research Associate Elisabeth Mait supports the Intersections project in many ways: by completing diverse research tasks, conducting metadata research, transcribing German script and Fraktur, and digitizing sources and preparing them for TEI markup. Elisabeth also works on German History in Documents and Images.

Kelly McCullough

Intersections co-manager Kelly McCullough coordinates editorial work on the Germanness and Knowledge and Education modules. She supports the project as a whole by overseeing contracts and outreach, and by translating, editing, and proofreading sources. Kelly also manages German History in Documents and Images and is a co-editor of href.

Student Interns

The GHI project team is grateful for the assistance of the following student interns, who made especially significant contributions to the Intersections project:

Isabella Auerbach
Krista Bolton
Hanna Bosse
Chris Buchholz
Ashley Gonik
Daniel Graham
Milena Kagel
Sandra Kastenbauer
Sarah Maurer
Madeleine Miller
Laura Maria Niewoehner
Katharina Weygoldt
Alexandra Witte
Emily Woessner
Thorsten Zachary