National Anthem of the Republic of Austria: “Land der Berge, Land am Strome” (1946/47)


After the Second World War, Austrian leaders sought a clean break from the Habsburg and Nazi past by adopting a new melody and new text for its national anthem, “Land der Berge, Land am Strome” [“Land of Mountains, Land of Rivers”]. The melody, whose provenance remains uncertain, was adopted in 1946. The text was authored by poet Paula von Preradović (1887–1951).


Land of mountains, land of rivers,
Land of tillage, land of churches,
Land of iron, land of promise.
Motherland of valiant sons,
People blessed with beauty's grace.
Austria of fair renown!

Place of feuds and bitter strife
At the very heart of Europe;
Heart that beats with courage high.
You have born since times ancestral
Burdens of a noble mission,
Austria, sorely tried and tested!

See towards the new age dancing
Firm in faith and free with march,
with joy in work and hopeful hearts.
To thee, oh fatherland united,
Loyalty we pledge as brothers.
Austria, our much beloved!

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Source of original German lyrics: Paula von Preradović, “Bundeshymne der Republik Österreich,” Wikipedia,Österreichische_Bundeshymne

Source: The national anthem of the Republic of Austria, performed instrumentally by the U.S. Navy Band, c. May 2003. Available online at:>

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