National Anthem of the German Democratic Republic: “Auferstanden aus Ruinen”(1949)


“Auferstanden aus Ruinen” [“From the Ruins Risen”] was the anthem of the German Democratic Republic. It used a melody by Hanns Eisler (1898–1962) and lyrics by Johannes Becher (1891–1958). While it offered a vision of a socialist identity that was distinct from the Nazi and national pasts—and represented an alternative to West Germany—it was still informed by a type of Germanness that appealed to popular sentiments of mourning and hope. The anthem was introduced in 1949, the year that witnessed the founding of both the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany.


From the ruins risen newly,
To the future turned, we stand.
Let us serve your good weal truly,
Germany, our fatherland.
Triumph over bygone sorrow,
Can unity be won?
For we shall attain a morrow,
When over our Germany,
there is the shining sun, there is the
shining sun!

May both peace and joy inspire,
Germany, our fatherland.
Peace is all the world’s desire,
To the peoples lend your hand.
In fraternity united,
We shall crush the people’s foe.
Let all paths by peace be lighted,
That no mother shall again
mourn her son in woe, mourn her son in

Let us plow and build our nation,
Learn and work as never yet,
That a free new generation,
Faith in its own strength begets!
German youth, for whom the striving
Of our people is at one,
You are Germany’s reviving,
And over our Germany,
There is the shining sun, there is the
shining sun!

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Source: Hanns Eisler and Johannes Becker, “Auferstanden aus Ruinen,” 1949. Available online at:

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