Tschick (2016)


Having read Wolfgang Herrndorf's Tschick, Fatih Akın was eager to make a film of the award-winning young adult novel published in 2010. However, Akın did not find it easy to obtain the rights to the story of two outsiders who set out together from Hellersdorf to seek adventure in the German countryside in a stolen car. Together with Lars Hubrich and Hark Bohm, Akın eventually adapted the bestseller about Maik Klingenberg and Andrej Tschichatschow, known as Tschick, for the screen - just like Herrndorf's bestseller, the film version also won several prizes.
Tschick brings postmigrant storytelling to the cinema. Shermin Langhoff popularized the term “postmigrant” during her time as director of the Ballhaus Naunynstraße Theater. “At the same time, it is about the stories and perspectives of those who have not migrated themselves, but who bring this migration background with them as personal knowledge and collective memory. Moreover, in our globalized, especially urban life, ‘postmigrant’ stands for the entire shared space of diversity beyond origin.” Langhoff's concept of ‘postmigrant theater’ has had a lasting influence on the social debate about migration in Germany.


Source: Production photograph: Tristan Gobel as Maik Klingenberg, Anand Batbileg Chuluunbaatar as Tschick. Imago/Zuma Wire.

© Imago/Zuma Wire

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