Barbara (2012)


The division of Germany after the end of the Second World War caused about 4.9 million people to flee from the East to the West. About 400,000 people left the German Democratic Republic (GDR) legally. Almost 500,000 left the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) to start a new life in the East. In Christian Petzold's film Barbara, which premiered at the 62nd Berlinale, Nina Hoss plays doctor Barbara Wolff, who was punitively transferred to the East German provinces due to an application to leave the country and lives a life under constant surveillance there. She is confronted with the difficult question of an escape to the West. Petzold, whose parents left the GDR in the 1950s, wrote the screenplay together with Harun Farocki.


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Barbara (2012), published in: German History Intersections, <> [December 01, 2023].