Kültür in Berlin-Schöneberg (1986)


An elderly woman, photographed by Kemal Kurt, is confronted with an urban culture that is no longer hers alone. The German concept of culture, from which a claim to Leitkultur is sometimes derived, is taken up, but ironized by the Turkish umlauts. The poster advertises an intercultural festival, which perhaps made a contribution to what Jürgen Habermas later called “civilized coexistence of autonomous citizens within the framework of a liberal society”.


Source: Photograph: Kemal Kurt/DOMiD-Archiv, Cologne

© Kemal Kurt/DOMiD-Archiv, Cologne

Kültür in Berlin-Schöneberg (1986), published in: German History Intersections, <https://germanhistory-intersections.org/en/migration/ghis:image-135> [December 03, 2023].