Der schöne Tag (2001)


Der schöne Tag (The Beautiful Day) is the third part in Thomas Arslan's Berlin trilogy about the everyday life of Turkish-German youth in the German capital. The film follows Deniz, a young dubbing artist, on her paths and journeys through Berlin. Arslan's films condense existential questions into haunting images and slow, detached character studies. Serpil Turhan, who portrays Deniz in Der schöne Tag, already starred in the first part, Geschwister (Siblings) (1997). Tristan Göbel, one of the young leads from Fatih Akın's Tschick, plays a teenager traveling through Norway with his estranged father in Arslan's Helle Nächte (Bright Nights) (2017).


Source: Production photograph: Imago/United Archives.

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Der schöne Tag (2001), published in: German History Intersections, <> [November 29, 2023].