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Broadsheet about the “Electrifier” Martin Berschitz (1789)

Rudolf Virchow, Report from the Special Meeting in the Zoological Garden on November 7, 1880: “Eskimos from Labrador” (1880)

“Alsace-Lorraine,” Meyer’s Conversation Lexicon, 6th Edition, Volume 5 (1908)

“Preface,” Meyer’s Conversation Lexicon, 6th Edition, Volume 1 (1907)

Brehm’s Animal Life: General Overview of the Animal Kingdom, 3rd Edition, Volume 7, Reptiles and Amphibians (1892)

Franz Strauch, “On the Question of Exporting Natives from the German Colonies for Exhibition Purposes” (1900)

Eduard Israel Kley, “The Spirit in Israelite Elementary Schools” (1821)

Prospectus, First Issue of the “Bonner Anzeiger. Mouthpiece for Commercial and Business Interests” (June 28, 1850)

“Our Editorial Team at Work (Reportage)” Landsberger Lager-Cajtung (January 18, 1946)

Günter Gaus, “Conversation with Hannah Arendt,” from the Series Zur Person (1964)

Collected Prefaces from the First Three Editions of Anna Fischer-Dückelmann’s The Wife as Family Doctor (1911)

Rudolf Zacharias Becker, “On Bewitching, Performing Magic, and Poisoning” (1788)

Carl Friedrich Bahrdt Defines Middle-Class Culture (1789)

Guide to the Collection of the Germanic National Museum (1860)

“Gypsies” as “Foreign Immigrants” from Egypt (1732)

Dithmar Blefken, “Islandia” (1607)

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Michael Heberer von Bretten as a Slave in Egypt (1585-1588)

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Jakob von Uexküll, A Foray into the Worlds of Animals and Humans: With a Theory of Meaning (1934)

Flyer from the Barbarastollen, Germany’s Underground Cultural Archive of Microfilmed Documents (2010)

Philipp Hainhofer, Report on the Eichstätt Garden and the Work on Hortus Eystettensis (1611)

Decree Establishing the Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (March 13, 1933)