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Joachim Heinrich Campe on the Germanization of Foreign Words (1801, 1813)

Conrad Gessner’s Preface to Josua Maaler’s Die Teütsch spraach (1561)

The German-Italian Frontier: Felix Fabri, Wanderings (1486)

Liberation from Captivity: Michael Heberer, Aegyptiaca servitus (1610)

Peter Hagendorf, Mercenary Journal from the Thirty Years War (1625–1648)

German Jesuit Identity on a Mission: Anton Maria Benz, First Letter (c. 1750)

Marriage among European Elites: Samuel Hartlib to John Worthington (1660)

Andreas Gryphius, “Tears of the Fatherland” (1636)

Johann Gottfried Herder, “German Peoples” (1784)

Friedrich Carl von Moser, “The German National Spirit” (1767)

Erich von Manstein Explains the German Defeat (Retrospective Account, 1955)

Michael Naumann, “Neither Answers nor Consolation” (May 4, 2005)

Adriana Altaras: “Suddenly There Was So Much Room in the Public Swimming Pools”: A Jewish German and Her Mother-in-Law (2011)

Chancellor Angela’s Germany (2017)

A Critical Interpretation of a “Love Song” to Germany (2003)

An Ironic and Satirical Take on Germanness (2001)

Wilhelm von Humboldt, “Comparative Anthropology” (1795)

Sophie von La Roche, Travels through Switzerland, France, and England (1784–85)

Peasant Chronicle from the Thirty Years War (1636–1638/39)

Sophie von La Roche, Pomona. Zeitschrift für Teutschlands Töchter [Pomona. Magazine for Germany’s Daughters] (1783)

The Boundaries of Gender in Travel: Andreas Pinxner, Die hitzige Indianerin [The Fiery East Indian Woman] (1701)

Ethnographic Perspective: Georg Forster, A Voyage Round the World (1777)

Joachim Heinrich Campe, “Fatherly Advice to My Daughter” (1789)

Yoko Tawada, Is Europe Western? (2006)

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The Edict of Potsdam (October 29, 1685)

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