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Religious Confession

The Troubled Integration of Refugees in Postwar Germanies

West Germany/ East Germany: Who/where are the better Germans?

Heimat in East and West

Debating War and Genocide after the Wende

Germany in the Twenty-First Century: Who’s Allowed to be German?

The “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation”

How Barbarians Became Germans: “Germania” and the “German Nation”

Germany, but where is it? Early Modern Maps and Conceptions of Germany and the World

Baptism, Belonging, and Christian Community

Religious Orders and Demarcations

Health and the Body

Art becomes German: The Case of Albrecht Dürer

Typical German! A Critical look at “German” Customs and Vices

From Wunderkammer to Museum: Collecting and Curating Identity

The Early Modern Wilderness

Early Modern Expertise: Germans and Mining

Identifying as European – Crossing “German” Borders

Do Clothes Make Germans? Class, Gender, and National Belonging

The German Language: Constructing a Community through German Dialects

National Character – Cultural Nationalism – Empire

Representations of Social Order


Enlightenment in Germany: New Public Spheres, Gender as Difference

The Thirty Years War and the Fatherland