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Jacob Boehme, Aurora: Morning Glow Ascending (1612)

Johann Otto von Hellwig, The Hellwigian Subject of the Philosopher’s Stone, which is misunderstood and therefore unwisely dismissed by the Uninformed (1710)

Two Letters from Adam Weishaupt, Founder of the Order of the Illuminati (1776)

Friedrich II, King of Prussia, “Spies and Their Use and How One Obtains News about the Enemy” (1748)

Max Weber, “Science as a Vocation” (1917)

Satirical Image about the Illuminati and their Propaganda Efforts (c. 1785/86)

Dr. Paula Blum with Students in the Chemistry Lab (1914)

Women in the Press (1912)

Diesel: Experimental Engine (1893)

Johannes Reuchlin, Recommendation whether to Confiscate, Destroy, and Burn All Jewish Books (1511)

Leipzig Disputation between Martin Luther and Johann Eck (1519)

Christoph Gottlieb von Murr, Twenty-eight Letters on the Abolition of the Jesuit Order (1774)

Thomas von Randow, Btx System (1984)

“On the Jesuits’ Quarrel with other Missionary Orders over Chinese Rites” (1774)

Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, “A Casual Word about Basalt” (1790)

Enigma Electro-Mechanical Cypher Machine being used by the German Wehrmacht in France (1940)

Facial Recognition Manual, German Democratic Republic (1970)

“You Will Be Like God, Knowing Good and Evil. Or: The New Fall of Man,” Kladderadatsch (June 26, 1870)

Jürgen Habermas, “A Kind of Settlement of Damages: The Apologetic Tendencies in German History Writing” (July 11, 1986)

Paul Julius Möbius, On the Physiological Mental Deficiency of Women, 8th Edition (1907)

Allied Forces, Supreme Headquarters, Manual for the Control of German Information Services (1945)

A Wondrous Plant Consisting of Two Grapevines / As Seen Here (1610)

Book Burning by National Socialist Students, Berlin’s Opera Square (May 10, 1933)

Ernst Haeckel, Image of Human Evolution (1907)

“The Future Belongs to Those Who Own the Schools,” Kladderadatsch (December 19, 1875)