Figure Advertising the “Hamburg Slave Funds” (1650–75)


This wooden figure depicting a Hamburg sailor in chains draws attention to the plight of seafarers from Hamburg who had been captured and enslaved by the North African, so-called “Barbary States” (modern-day Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya). The “Hamburg Slave Funds” established in 1624 organized collections of donations to buy the enslaved sailors from Hamburg their freedom.


Source: Figure from the Hamburg Slave Fund, Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte, 1650-1675, in: Hamburg as a Hub of Trade, 1500-1842, SHMH (Anna Symanczyk, Martina Fritz), no date,

Figure Advertising the “Hamburg Slave Funds” (1650–75), published in: German History Intersections, <> [September 01, 2023].