Arson Attack in Solingen (May 28-29, 1993)


The picture shows the remains of the Genç family home, which Solingen youths set on fire on May 29, 1993, killing five members of the family, women and girls aged 4 to 27. Fourteen other people suffered injuries, some of them serious. Four young men from the neo-Nazi scene were sentenced to prison. The image of the ruin against a tranquil landscape left a lasting impression of racist attacks in reunified Germany. The banner above the Turkish flag calling for a general strike was put up by Işçiler Birliği i çin Mücadele Komitesi, a Turkish organization for the struggle to unite workers, and includes the call “Germans and foreigners together against racism.”


Source: Photographer: Manfred Vollmer.

© Manfred Vollmer, published with kind permission.

Arson Attack in Solingen (May 28-29, 1993), published in: German History Intersections, <> [November 29, 2023].