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Oskar von Miller, “Technical Museums as Sites of Popular Instruction” (1929)

Forest Dieback, Spiegel Article Series: “The Forest is Dying: Acid Rain over Germany” (1981)

“Hair Care,” from Anna Fischer-Dückelmann, The Wife as Family Doctor (1911)

“How the Turkish Worker Should Behave and Defend His Character in a Foreign Country” (1963)

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Declaration of Accord between the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Government of the Italian Republic Concerning the Recruitment and Placement of Italian Workers in the Federal Republic of Germany (December 20, 1955)

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Agreement on the Procedures Concerning Pregnancy among Vietnamese Women Laborers in the GDR (July 21, 1987)

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Heinz Kühn, The Present and Future Integration of Foreign Workers and Their Families in the Federal Republic of Germany (1979)

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Draft Law on the Scope of Personal Care in the Event of Circumcision of a Male Child (November 5, 2012)

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Letter by Wilhelm Solf to Ernst Schmidt-Dargitz (November 25, 1901)

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Barbara John, “With Each Other, Not against Each Other” (1982)

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Johann Ludovici, Baptismal Sermon for a Moor (1661)

Report on the Experiences of a Captured Christian (1623)

Account of a Conversion from Judaism to Christianity (1775)

Baptismal Records: “Baptized Turks” in Munich (1687 and 1688)

The Catholic “German Nation”: Michael Anisius (1599)

Nationalizing Catholicism, 1870-71: “Letter” from a Catholic Soldier from Bavaria (1870)

Of Plagues and Foreign Influences: Johann Vochs, De pestilentia (1507)

Characteristics of Northern Bodies: Levinus Lemnius, Two Books on the Nature and Constitution of the Body, which the Greeks Call “krasis” and is Commonly Called “Complexion” (1561)

Location Matters for Bodies, Diseases, and Medicines: Paracelsus, “The Fourth Defence” (c. 1538)

The Realities of Collection Organization: Founding Certificate, Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria (1565)

Reactions to the Collections: Albrecht Dürer’s Response to Viewing Aztec Gold (1520)

Confirmatory Charter to the Mineral and Battery Works Society (1604)

German Miners Abroad: Elias Hessen, Journey to East India (1680)

German Expertise in the Americas: John Smith’s Description of the Jamestown Colony in Virginia (1612)

Expertise Codified and Printed: Ulrich Rülein von Calw, Bergwerck v Probir büchlin/ für die Bergk vnnd feurwercker Golschmid/ Alchimisten vnd Künstner (1535)