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Four Things Bring Ruin to a Mine (c. 1556)

Joseph Arnold, The Kunstkammer of the Dimpfels, a Family of Ironmongers and Traders from Regensburg (1668)

Portrait of Angelo Soliman (c. 1750)

Ambras Castle, the Archduke’s Pleasure Palace near Innsbruck (c. 1700)

The Cabinet of Artifacts and Natural Curiosities at the Francke Foundations in Halle

Library, Abbey of Schussenried

Engraving of Abraham Gottlob Werner’s Collection of Minerals and Gemstones (1772)

Collection of Objects from German East Africa in the “Rauhes Haus” in Hamburg-Horn (1892)

Historical Dye and Colorant Collection, Technical University of Dresden (c. 1900)

Hospital Staff Performing Surgery (c. 1910)

Robert Koch in his Laboratory (c. 1891)

Elephant Ride in the Berlin Zoo (c. 1886)

Oskar von Miller, “Technical Museums as Sites of Popular Instruction” (1929)

Frankfurt Kitchen (1927)

Tahitian Mourning Dress in the Cook/Forster Collection, Göttingen

Clandestine and Tacit Knowledge

Kalman W., Testimony about Clandestine Radio in the Lodz Ghetto (Retrospective, 1993)

Conflicts of Knowledge

Knowledge of Nature

Alexander von Humboldt, Cross-section of the Chimborazo (1807)

Forest Dieback, Spiegel Article Series: “The Forest is Dying: Acid Rain over Germany” (1981)

Knowledge of the Body and Anthropology

“Hair Care,” from Anna Fischer-Dückelmann, The Wife as Family Doctor (1911)

Martin Behaim, “Earth Apple” (c. 1491–94)

Cover Page, Sexual Education Manual: Biological Information on Human Sexuality (1969)