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Academic Rules for Students of the University of Göttingen (1763)

Johann David Köhler, Instructions for Travelling Scholars: Libraries, Coin Cabinets, Antiquities Collections, Picture Galleries, Natural History Collections and Art Collections, Etc., with Useful Information for Viewing (1762)

From the Correspondence of the Astronomer and Calendar Maker Gottfried Kirch (1693–1706)

Letter from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz to Daniel Ernst Jablonski regarding the Plan to Establish an Academy in Berlin (March 12, 1700)

Johann Bernhard Basedow and Daniel Chodowiecki, Elementary Work (1774)

Johann Nepomuk Hauntinger, Journey through Swabia and Bavaria in 1784

Friedrich Immanuel Niethammer, The Dispute between Philanthropinism and Humanism in the Theory of Educational Instruction in our Time (1808)

Wilhelm von Humboldt, “The Königsberg and the Lithuanian School Plan” (1809)

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, “About Göttingen’s Academic Museum” (1779)

J.G. Büsch, “Treatise on the Ruinous Economic Circumstances of Most Scholars in Our Time” (1774)

H. Thiel, “Description and Yield Calculation of a Sugar Beet Economy” (1874)

Appeal to Found a Jewish Library and Reading Room, Hamburg (1905)

Alexander von Humboldt in the Library of his Berlin Apartment on Oranienburger Straße (1856)

Hoechst Company Dyestuff Laboratory (c. 1895)

Wilhelm Liebknecht, “Knowledge is Power – Power is Knowledge” (February 5, 1872)

Prussian Ministry for Science, Art, and Education, “Necessary Reforms in the Secondary School System” (August 1933)

Grete Schütte-Lihotzky, “The Frankfurt Kitchen and Modern Household Appliances” (1927)

Herbert Backe, “Farmers in the Fight for Germany’s Food Self-Sufficiency” (1939)

Dr. M. Bach, “The Aquarium” (1868)

Kurt Sprengel, The Botanical Garden at the University of Halle (1800)

Ringelblum Archive (1939–1943)

Catholic Girls’ School, Bavaria (c. 1908-10)

Frankfurt Kitchen (1927)

Johann Reinhold Forster, A Catalogue of the Animals of North America (1771)

Carl von Clausewitz, On War (1832/1834)