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The Innkeeper or Host (c. 1536)

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Ulrich Schmidel, “A Conquest Campaign at the Delta of the Rio de la Plata” (1536)

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German Miners Abroad: Elias Hessen, Journey to East India (1680)

The German-Italian Frontier: Felix Fabri, Wanderings (1486)

Liberation from Captivity: Michael Heberer, Aegyptiaca servitus (1610)

Sophie von La Roche, Travels through Switzerland, France, and England (1784–85)

The Boundaries of Gender in Travel: Andreas Pinxner, Die hitzige Indianerin [The Fiery East Indian Woman] (1701)

Ethnographic Perspective: Georg Forster, A Voyage Round the World (1777)

Georg Christoph Fernberger in the Holy Land (1592)

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Sigmund von Herberstein in Muscovite Costume (1526)

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Ulrich von Werdum on His Journey to Poland in 1671/72

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August Güntzer: A Brief Book about My Whole Life – My Travel Book (17th century)

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Imperial Delegation in the Ottoman Empire (1665-66)

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Experiences of a Traveling Tawer Apprentice (1751)

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The Campaign of Conquest in the Estuary of the Rio de la Plata (1536)

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German Characteristics from a French Perspective: Charles Patin, Travels thro’ Germany, Bohemia, Swisserland, Holland, and other parts of Europe (1674/1696)

W. E. B. Dubois: Remembrance of His Berlin Years (1892–94)

Alfred Döblin on Germans, Poles, and Jews in Lodz (1926)

German Encounters Abroad: Christian Thran, Diary [Africa Journey] (1731–33)

Johann Grimm, A Journey Beyond Strasbourg (1775)

Ida Hahn-Hahn, Memories from and of France (1842)

Dithmar Blefken, “Islandia” (1607)

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