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Persecution and emigration of Jews in Russia (1881-1882)

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Material Culture in Wilhelmine Germany: Beer Stein Shows Jews Emigrating to Palestine

Adriana Altaras: “Suddenly There Was So Much Room in the Public Swimming Pools”: A Jewish German and Her Mother-in-Law (2011)

Report on Jews Fleeing Russia (October 11, 1881)

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Wehrmacht Soldiers Round Up and Search Jewish Villagers in Poland (1939)

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Eyewitness Account of Pogroms in Lodz (September 9, 1939)

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A Jew in the GDR: Interview with Salomea Genin (2015)

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August Julius Langbehn, Rembrandt as Educator: “German vs. Jewish” (1890)

Alfred Döblin on Germans, Poles, and Jews in Lodz (1926)

Ignatz Bubis Reflects on His Liberation in 1945 (1995)

Henryk M. Broder on Heimat (1999)

Dr. Oskar Cohn, SPD member of the Reichstag, as a Counterfigure to the Imagined Persona of the “Artist-soldier” or “Artist-politician” (1917)

Carnival Parade in the Bavarian Town of Schwabach: Staging Expropriation (1936)

Recollections of an “Ethnic German” Girl in Litzmannstadt [Lodz] (Retrospective account, 2004)

Public Humiliation: Cutting off the Beard of a Jewish Man in Poland (1941)

Christoph Meiners: A Naturally Conceived Hierarchy of Peoples (1790)

Adam Heinrich Müller, “The True German” (1809)

Departure of Jewish Volunteers (c. 1813)

German-Jewish Traditions: A Mystical History (1898)

No Jews in the German Nation: “German” and “Jewish” According to Achim von Arnim in His “Christian-German Society” (1810)