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Map: Settlement and origin of German-language migrants in Tsarist Russia (1763-1914)

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Pastorius Monument, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (dedicated 1920)

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Protestant Baptism in a Private Chapel (c. 1570)

Account of a Conversion from Judaism to Christianity (1775)

The Catholic “German Nation”: Michael Anisius (1599)

In a Marian World: Der Atlas Marianus. The Unity of Religion Overrides National or Local Difference (1672)

New (Reformed) Synagogue in Breslau (1872)

Orientalizing Jewishness? Carl Spitzweg, In the Synagogue (1855–60)

Religion as Marker of Identity? Cover, Der Spiegel (April 28, 2018)

The Edict of Potsdam (October 29, 1685)

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Daniel Defoe, A Brief History of the Poor Palatine Refugees (1709)

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Georg Christoph Fernberger in the Holy Land (1592)

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Manifesto Issued by Empress Catherine II of Russia (July 22, 1763)

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Francis Daniel Pastorius, Description of Pennsylvania (1700)

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Baptized “Captured Turks”: Ludwig Maximilian Mehmet von Königstreu (1715)

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The Witch Hunts and Their Critics: Friedrich von Spee (1632)

“The Future Belongs to Those Who Own the Schools,” Kladderadatsch (December 19, 1875)

Sigismund Evenius, Christian/Blessed Picture School (1636)