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Portrait of Angelo Soliman (c. 1750)

Collection of Objects from German East Africa in the “Rauhes Haus” in Hamburg-Horn (1892)

German Miners Abroad: Elias Hessen, Journey to East India (1680)

German Expertise in the Americas: John Smith’s Description of the Jamestown Colony in Virginia (1612)

Language Politics in Schools in German Southwest Africa (1911)

Bernhard Dernburg on his Impressions of German East Africa (1908)

Soldier in the Lettow-Vorbeck Freikorps in Munich (1919)

Poster for the Café Odeon, Munich (1908)

Völkerschau in Frankfurt Zoo (1891)

Playing Colonialism (c. 1900)

Elly Beinhorn as a Game Hunter (1933)

Herero Uprising in German South-West Africa (1904)

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The Campaign of Conquest in the Estuary of the Rio de la Plata (1536)

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Letter by Wilhelm Solf to Ernst Schmidt-Dargitz (November 25, 1901)

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Johannes Spieth, Togo, Togo Is Supreme (1912)

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Agreement between the Brandenburg Colony of Groß-Friedrichsburg and Twenty-four “Cabisters” (Chiefs) from Accada (February 24, 1684)

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Missionary Wilhelm Guth in Tanzania (1927-1933)

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“Samoa's Annexation” (1899)

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Ulrich Schmidel, “A Conquest Campaign at the Delta of the Rio de la Plata” (1536)

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