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Portrait of Angelo Soliman (c. 1750)

Collection of Objects from German East Africa in the “Rauhes Haus” in Hamburg-Horn (1892)

Letter by Wilhelm Solf to Ernst Schmidt-Dargitz (November 25, 1901)

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Missionary Wilhelm Guth in Tanzania (1927-1933)

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“Samoa's Annexation” (1899)

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Ulrich Schmidel, “A Conquest Campaign at the Delta of the Rio de la Plata” (1536)

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German Miners Abroad: Elias Hessen, Journey to East India (1680)

German Expertise in the Americas: John Smith’s Description of the Jamestown Colony in Virginia (1612)

German Jesuit Identity on a Mission: Anton Maria Benz, First Letter (c. 1750)

Poster for the Café Odeon, Munich (1908)

Völkerschau in Frankfurt Zoo (1891)

Playing Colonialism (c. 1900)

Soldier in the Lettow-Vorbeck Freikorps in Munich (1919)

The Boundaries of Gender in Travel: Andreas Pinxner, Die hitzige Indianerin [The Fiery East Indian Woman] (1701)

Herero Uprising in German South-West Africa (1904)

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The Campaign of Conquest in the Estuary of the Rio de la Plata (1536)

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Johannes Spieth, Togo, Togo Is Supreme (1912)

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Agreement between the Brandenburg Colony of Groß-Friedrichsburg and Twenty-four “Cabisters” (Chiefs) from Accada (February 24, 1684)

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Language Politics in Schools in German Southwest Africa (1911)

Bernhard Dernburg on his Impressions of German East Africa (1908)

Elly Beinhorn as a Game Hunter (1933)