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Technologies of Knowledge

Map of Germania / Germany (1572)

Mechanical Excavation in a Westphalian Mine (1905)

The Krupp Company: Rolling a Steel Plate (before 1906)

The Krupp Company: Lathe Banks at Cannon Workshop (before 1906)

Radio: Joseph Goebbels Uses the People’s Receiver [Volksempfänger] (1933)

Radio: Radio Station in Berlin’s VOX Building (1923)

Social Sciences and Humanities

Popularizing Knowledge

Editors’ Introduction

News from Münster from the 25th of October in the Year 1648: A Dispatched Postilion Bringing Joy and Peace (1648)

Knowledge and Education

Sites of Knowledge

Jacob von Rammingen on the Ordering of Registries and Archives (1571)

Draft of Stipend Regulations for the University of Wittenberg (1545)

Johannes Sturm, The Correct Opening of Elementary Schools of Letters (1538)

From the Chronicle of the Imperial Academy of Natural Scientists [Leopoldina] (1694)

Adam Olearius, Gottorp Cabinet of Curiosities (1674)

A Sermon by Martin Luther on Why Children Should Be Sent to School (1530)

University Treasurer Dr. Peurle Reports on the Work of the Jesuits in Ingolstadt (January 24, 1558)

Philip Galle (after a drawing by Pieter Bruegel the Elder), The Alchemist (c. 1558)

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Memorandum to Dukes Rudolph Augustus and Anton Ulrich, on the Library at Wolfenbüttel (June 1695)

Lending Rules for a Göttingen Library (1769)

Johann Bernhard Basedow, Method Book (1770) and Elementary Work (1774)

J. D. Gruber, “Well-Conceived Proposal for the Establishment and Construction of a New University within His Royal Majesty’s German Lands” (August 30, 1732)